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Hey. I'm Manila.

I'm a fullstack developer. +

How I got here +

Most of my background thus far has been in the design field. After graduating from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a BS in Interior Architecture, I moved to Atlanta and worked as an interior designer on hospitality projects. I then moved to Nashville and started doing some graphic design freelancing, which included building custom Squarespace sites.

While doing so, I discovered HTML and CSS, and I thought it was kind of cool. As the type of person that likes knowing how to do everything, I decided to delve deeper into what coding was all about. I started self-studying through a fullstack Udemy course and tried to find various ways to wiggle my way into the developer community.

At a Meetup, I found out about Nashville Software School (NSS), which led me to attend as I still had a heavy dose of imposter syndrome at the time. I also wanted to further solidify the concepts that I had studied on my own and fill in the gaps, and it was definitely time well-spent. I absolutely loved going to school, and it led me to the realization that software development is exactly where I want to be.

Technologies I've used +

Languages: HTML, Javascript, Python, SQL

Frameworks: Django, Django REST, React (Hooks)

Utility Libraries: Filepond, Lodash, Moment, React-Swipeable

Styling: CSS, Tachyons

Version Control: Git, GitHub

Deployment: GitHub Pages, Netlify

Misc: Figma, Firebase, JSONServer, Postman, TablePlus

I've built some apps. +

T.H.E.R.E. (The Hottest Electronic Rave Experience) +

T.H.E.R.E. is like a virtual fanny pack for EDM (electronic dance music) fest attendees to check out lineups and plan out who they would like to see at each fest. It contains a timeline of past and upcoming events as well as a customizable schedule for each of those events.

I built this app for my frontend capstone at NSS using React with Hooks and JSONServer for the mock REST API.

Find it on Github

Skillchill +

Skillchill is an app for lifelong learners who want a platform to track their progressions in the skills they are pursuing as well as receive feedback from others learning the same skills.

This is a fullstack application I built for my backend capstone at NSS utilizing the Django REST framework for the server side and React for the client side.

Find it on Github

Here's my resume. +

Download it